Chapter 1. Technique Video--Pipetting


Short Description

In this video you will learn about using the Pipetters. Watch this technique video and take a short quiz. Click on "expand" in the upper right for more details.

Long Description

Micropipettors are the standard laboratory equipment used to measure and transfer small volumes of liquids. You will use them throughout this semester and in advanced courses that you take in the future. It is essential that you master their use if you are to be successful in your experiments.

You must watch the video for a minimum amount of time (in this case, about 30 seconds) before taking the quiz!





The P100 uses the la6UP0tpoYl59HJctCl0doEXZAo= tip.


Remove the pipetter from the liquid HCX8mE+urVtGu4mDCL6pwg== releasing thumb from the push button.